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2012 Finance

Deals traditionally done in banks are now being done in corporate boardrooms. Changes in financing, brought about by the demands of clean and bio-technologies, are now rippling through US industries. A great strength of capital markets is the ability to be flexible, finding new ways to change and evolve with new opportunities.

What's in this issue?

Special finance section:

  • Cash is King - Corporations and Mid-Market Private Equity Fill the Gap for Corporate Expansion. But that means 'New Rules'.
  • Funding New Initiatives - Mid-Market Companies in the Catbird Seat.
  • What the Fortune 500 Knows that You Should Know - ESG: Moving Beyond Risk Management to Value Creation.
  • Case Study: Campbell's Soup - An Iconic brand with a nourishing plan for the long term


  • Gasification - Time to Make Money from Landfills.
  • Waka-Waka - A Powerful Solar Lamp with Plans to Light the World.
  • Patent-to-Profit - Making the Leap from Idea to Commercialization.
  • Interview: David Goldberg - Connecticut's Director of Government and Legislative Affairs on Partnering with Private Industry.


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